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  • June 1, 2014: There are a number of changes and additions since the last update (following a protracted computer crash):

    • I am now stocking a variety of gauges of "bronze" strings. These strings are a little darker sounding than the yellow brass, slightly higher in density, and have a slightly higher tensile strength. They are suitable for those looking for a different sound, those wanting a slightly higher tension (or desiring a slightly thinner string for the same tension), or needing a slightly stronger material than brass. Available both as plain and twisted strings.

    • I have created a new section of the site, Information & Articles, which contains just that: information and articles on early wire-strung instruments. This section will be expanded over time.

    • They're not music and they're not wire, but they're still early and they're still cool... "Traditional Archery" shirts are now available! See Apparel & Accessories for more information.

  • June 22, 2012: I'm pleased to offer new hand silk-screened "Cittern" t-shirts and Andrew Hartig Custom Strings music totebags. See Apparel & Accessories for more information.

  • Apr. 4, 2012: Andrew Hartig Custom Strings is now on Facebook! Visit us at

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