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    •   Twisted


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Effective as of July 17, 2017:

Stringing Consultation:

  • FREE with purchase of strings; $30.00 per instrument without string purchase.

Plain Strings:

  • Double length (2m) wire (enough for two strings), no loops: $3.50
  • Single string of plain wire (1m), with one looped end*: $3.50
  • Single string of plain wire (custom length), with two looped ends*: $4.00

Twisted Strings:

Note: Twisted strings come with a counter-clockwise twist. Strings can be made with a clockwise twist for left-handed players at no extra charge; please specify when ordering.

  • Twisted brass string (1m), one natural looped end*: $8.50
  • Twisted brass string (1m), with two looped ends*: $9.00

*Looped Ends:

  • All loops come in one of three standard diameters: small (3 mm), medium (4mm), and large (5mm). Custom-sized loops are available at no extra charge by special request. Please specify loop size when ordering.
  • For secondary loops on strings for instruments such as English guittar, please supply the exact distance between the hitch pin and tuning post in its lowest position so that the secondary loop may be placed in the appropriate position.

Special Orders:

  • Other materials (red brass, silver, gold, etc.) or custom lengths (twisted diapasons, etc.) by quotation. Please inquire.


  • Domestic string orders are ordinarily shipped via USPS Priority Mail at the current flat rate ($6.65 as of July 17, 2017, but subject to change).
  • International string orders are shipped according to the shipping guidelines of the destination country. Prices will be quoted at the time your order is placed.
  • Orders may be sent via other means/speeds by request. Please inquire for estimate.


  • Orders for California residents only: Add 8.75% California State sales tax.