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Twisted Strings


Twisted strings (sometimes referred to as "wreathed" or "twined" strings) are an historically appropriate alternative to modern wound strings for the bass register of plucked and keyed wire-strung instruments.

Alloys Available:

All of my twisted strings are made of two strands of yellow brass (nominally 70% copper, 30% zinc), though bronze (nominally 95% copper, 5% tin) is also available. Other alloys (iron, red brass, silver, gold) may be requested by special order.

Gauges Available:

Due to the custom nature of twisted strings, all twisted strings are specially made to order. Since the mass of a twisted string is a confluence of factors including the diameter of the original strands, the density of the material used, and the twist ratio used, all strings are referred to as being of an equivalent diameter ("ED") to a monofilament string of the same mass. Gauges from ED .012" (.030 mm) up through ED .044" (1.10 mm) can be made from the plain diameter stock I have on hand.

Looped Ends:

Twisted strings come supplied with one naturally occuring loop. A second loop can be added for an additional charge (see Prices).

For looped ends, please specify which size loop you would prefer. My standard loops come in three diameters: small (3 mm), medium (4mm), and large (5mm). Custom sized loops are available by special request at no extra charge.

Twist Direction:

Twisted strings come standard with a counter-clockwise twist. This twist direction aligns the strands of the string in such a way that the string reacts better to the application of a plectrum and tends to allow for better purchase in finger-style play. A clockwise twist for left-handed players (or out of personal preference) can be done at no extra charge—simply specify when ordering.